Counseling, Wellness, and Education Ministry

Psalm 40 Services

Wellness Coaching


Anyone who contacts Psalm 40 for counseling services, regardless of the presenting issue, faith, background or financial condition will be met with an open ear, respect and dignity. In person and Virtual appointments are available for individuals, couples, and families. (Click for more info)


Everything we put on, in, and around our bodies will either support our health or bring harm. We look at using natural solutions to support our physical health as well as our emotional wellbeing. This includes individual coaching, group workshops, and a variety of aromatherapy techniques. (Click for more info)

Tai Chi

Wellness Coaching

Community Workshops

Psalm 40 is committed to working closely with the community by providing presentations and workshops. We cover topics that address issues most impactful to the overall physical, emotional, social, and spiritual health of our population. (Click for more info)

Sunday Service

As part of Psalm 40’s mission, a non-denominational Sunday service is available. (Click for more info).